Solar Flare Far Infrared Sauna

The Solar Flare far infrared capsule can improve your well-being in many ways. This machine works exceptionally well for pain relief, detoxification, and skin improvement by using the most advanced far infrared heating technology.

Benefits of Device


Natural Detoxification Helps Repair and Maintain Proper Health and Wellness


Improve Heart Health with Infrared Therapy


Accelerate Your Metabolism for Weight Loss


Stimulate Powerful Immune System Responses

How To Use

To experience the positive health benefits of Solar Flare, simply connect the controller and wall outlet plug, set the desired temperature you wish, and select a time setting for your precise treatment.

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Customer Reviews

For physical therapy or just helping with sore muscles and joints, the solar flare is the best machine we have in the clinic.



It was like the stress was melting away from my body whenever I got to use the Solar Flare at home. This heat therapy passes all the way through my body and seems to make everything, at every depth, feel better. I cannot begin to explain how much better I feel.


Aileen P.

“I used a Solar Flare infrared heating pad at a friend’s house and was immediately sold. Even after a single session, my body felt more energized and alive than ever.”


B. Waters

“This is much easier than scheduling a visit to the local spa and paying hundreds a month. I can relax in my apartment during a treatment session while streaming my favorite show on my phone. Great product!”


Rachel C.