What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica is a type of pain originating in the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve travels from the lower part of the back down through the buttocks and down the legs. Sciatica pain affects the back, hip, and the leg’s outer side.

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain occurs when the sciatica nerve
gets pinched. The cause is typically a herniated disk in the
spine or a bone’s overgrowth called a bone spur.

Following are some of the common cause of sciatica pain -

Aging of Spine


Prolonged sitting



Heat Therapy Device for Sciatica

The Solar Flare far infrared capsule can improve your well-being in many ways. This machine works exceptionally well for pain relief, detoxification, and skin improvement by using the most advanced far infrared heating technology.

Benefits of Device


Natural Detoxification Helps Repair and Maintain Proper Health and Wellness


Improve Heart Health with Infrared Therapy


Accelerate Your Metabolism for Weight Loss


Stimulate Powerful Immune System Responses


Sciatica treatment at home

The Solar Flare ensures hassle-free sciatica treatment at home. All you need to do is find the right spot, get into a comfortable position, connect the device (don’t forget to grab a book), and you are all set to get a nice and warm heat therapy.

With Solar Flare, you don’t need to visit a hospital or a chiropractor for deep heat therapy.

Let’s break down the whole process into brief steps-

  1. To start with, remove the Solar Flare Infrared Capsule from the box & plug it in where you can comfortably sit or lay down.
  2. While sitting, position the capsule over your legs. You can choose to lay on your back specifically for sciatica pain.
  3. Press the power button once you’ve found a comfortable position.
  4. Use the controller to set the temperature between 35-75 degrees. 75 degrees is commonly preferred. (Please note that the actual temperature you feel would be less than what’s set on the controller)
  5. Use the arrow keys on the controller to adjust the timer. One hour is commonly preferred.
  6. For an additional sensation of heat, cover both ends with a towel to seal in the warmth.

Benefits of Using
Heat Therapy Device

One of the major benefits of using deep heat therapy is its ability to relieve sciatica pain, sore muscles, and joints. Whether you are suffering from arthritis or have just pulled a muscle while working out, applying heat to the injured or affected area can help reduce pain and stiffness. Heat therapy can also benefit people with chronic pain conditions like back pain.

Video Testimonials

Customer Reviews

For physical therapy or just helping with sore muscles and joints, the solar flare is the best machine we have in the clinic.



It was like the stress was melting away from my body whenever I got to use the Solar Flare at home. This heat therapy passes all the way through my body and seems to make everything, at every depth, feel better. I cannot begin to explain how much better I feel.


Aileen P.

“I used a Solar Flare infrared heating pad at a friend’s house and was immediately sold. Even after a single session, my body felt more energized and alive than ever.”


B. Waters

“This is much easier than scheduling a visit to the local spa and paying hundreds a month. I can relax in my apartment during a treatment session while streaming my favorite show on my phone. Great product!”


Rachel C.